Travel sketches July 9-21–London, Belgium, France

I carry three sketchbooks with me traveling overseas. I sketch with ball point pens, pencil and colored pencils of passengers in airports, planes, buses and trains. Many of my drawings show people trying to get some sleep, reading, eating, looking at their iphones or waiting to make a travel connection be it by jet or train. Some are images of carriage horses when they brieflly came to a stop to pick up new passengers and a gallery cat looking out of large art gallery  window in Ghent. Some of the city views are quick studies of sections of buildings in  Ghent or Antwerp. I made a red pencil study of an 18th century style chair in one of our rooms in Ghent. These are on-the-run  or out of the corner of my eye views while walking and traveling about Belgium and France. Here are a couple of images; see more under “Galleries” above.

bikes_0008travel_0009                                                                       Musician on the pier in Antwerp


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