Transit Landscapes at the Flippo Gallery

23 October through 9 December, 2016. Dawn Latané presents 29 works completed this year! Works are for sale. Click on an image for larger view / slide show of group.

My current paintings are developed from several years of selected digital images, distorted by  the speeds of trains and cars and  the deliberate, sudden exaggerated movements of  the digital camera .Forms become shattered, liquified  in  interesting abstractions and light is violently twisted around.  The  photos are chance oriented, being snapped in seconds  with a defective digital camera that drags during photo taking so many  though not all of the images are either over exposed with light or turn out  black. The paintings, in contrast, are each made from one or two digital photos over long periods in the studio to achieve form distortions. In this work, I like the idea of time dichotomy; of both  the instantaneous  and the incremental. As a landscapist, I’m doing views I’ve liked but in road/rail transit; their pictorial nature always involves speed.

Late afternoon forest, Richmond train, oil on panel, 30 X 40”, 2016


Landscape passage to Richmond, oil on panel, 24 X 30”, 2016
Glasgow city lights and interior coach reflection, oil on canvas, 2016, 12 X 24
2016-09-11 13.31.54 copy
oil on canvas, 2016