Travel drawings–London, Belgium, France

Ghent, looking from a roof towards the Castle

bikes_0005    travel

Antique chair in B&B                          Flemish houses in Ghent

travel_0001        travel

City Hall Tower, Ghent                             Canal view, Ghent


Bikes by canal                                                         Details, Castle in Antwerp

bikes_0007   travel_0002

bikes_0008    Ghent carriage horses

Fellow travellers

travel_0008         travel_0003

travel_0007      travel_0006

travel_0005       travel_0004

During a longish layover in Heathrow’s Terminal 5, a family from France, returning for a visit to California, kindly sat for me. They have the drawings, but here are the snaps made with the iPad, and a photo.

2015-07-21 15.16.22 copy 2015-07-21 15.16.44 copy

2015-07-21 15.13.59 copy